Guardian Angels – Assigned For Protecting Everyone On Earth

Published: 20th May 2009
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The existence of the guardian angels was recognized by the Christians in the early 5th century. Though there are many controversies regarding the real existence of these Guardian Angels, many people are experiencing the presence of these protectors in their daily life. In this modern world, many people find it hard to believe that they too have a guardian angel assigned by God to protect them. According to the believers of the existence of the Guardian Angels, you can ask for help through prayers during the hard times of your life and God will assign a Guardian Angel to deal with the problem. Like two sides of a coin, the existence of these invisible protectors are believed and disbelieved today. So what is the truth? Just keep reading on the article to discover the truth behind the existence of these Guardian Angels.

A Little History

This existence of the invisible external power was used for healing many diseases too. The presence of the Guardian angels is also explained in the Holy Bible. It is clearly mentioned in the Old Testament part. This belief of the existence of Guardian angels assigned with the role of protecting and guiding the humans in Earth was believed by the ancient Greek philosophy in early year 108. Later, many people believed that there were some fallen angels who are guiding the humans to lead a peaceful life. The existence of the Guardian Angels can also be found in many books and references of the historical ages.

The Proof Of Existence Of Guardian Angels

If you are a true believer of Christianity, you will agree with the fact that the Guardian angels really exist. The presence and purpose of Guardian angels is explained in many places of the Holy Bible. For example, in Job 33:23-6 of the Holy Bible, it is mentioned that the Guardian Angels have the role of "guides" who show the path of success to human beings on Earth. Moreover, in the book of Daniel, chapter 10 verses 13, it is said that the guardian angels are assigned to protect certain countries. There are many different definitions given for the Guardian Angels in the Holy Bible itself. Hence if you are a true believer of the words written in the Holy Bible, the existence of the Guardian Angels will also be true to you. Apart from the words written in the Holy Bible, there are many other references that confirm the existence of the Guardian Angels. Many of them have revealed their personal experiences regarding the existence of the Guardian Angels. For instance let's take the example of Bob Miller who has compiled a book called "An Angel Named Zabar". Though this book doesn't insist in believing in the existence of the Guardian Angels, it reveals the experiences of Bob with the angel named Zabar.

Bottom Line

With all these proofs out there, the existence of the Guardian Angels more than just believable.

Bob Miller write articles on the super powers called the Guardian Angels. He has written many books about angels. His contributions through the Zabar series have circled around the planet and created a real buzz. This article about Guardian angels reflect the real existence of super powers.

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